About the Ranch

The Beauty of the forest

In the heart of the Birya Forest, on the outskirts of the magical village of Amuka lies the Pinecorn Ranch, a small and charming horse ranch with three large and luxurious guest units waiting for you for the perfect getaway.

Nestled among pine trees, facing the woods and a beautiful view that starts at the sea of Galilee and all the way to the Golan Heights seen from the units’ spacious balcony, this may just be the perfect setting for a unique and different vacation catering to everyone and anyone.

Ever dream of a relaxed weekend dipped in nature and a breathtaking view? Imagine having a lazy afternoon walk during which you might run into a fox? Or perhaps fantasize about sipping a nice glass of wine on the balcony while staring at the horses grazing just meters from you while in the distance a family of jackals is howling away? You have? That’s great! Then this means that the pinecone ranch is the place for you.

Both horse owners and horse enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy the ranch which is highly equipped to cater to all your needs (and your horses’ too!).

Contact Us

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  • iriswollis@walla.com